November in the Junior room

We learned about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt in our classroom... their were lots of different shapes to be found. We made 2D shapes using coloured sticks... we also made pictures using only 2D shapes.

We also learned about the water cycle through the story of Drippy the Raindrop.... There are four stages in the water cycle;

1. Evaporation.... Drippy gets hot and travels up to a cloud.

2. Condensation... Drippy meets other raindrops on the cloud; including his friend Captain Salty!

3. Precipitation.... The cloud gets heavy and begins to shake... Drippy jumps off the cloud headed for the mountains and the stream below.

4. Collection... Drippy lands in the stream.

'Cycle' means that Drippy's adventure starts over again... it repeats!

We investigated Drippy's story in Science using cotton balls and water! It was amazing feeling the water travel up through the cotton ball as the cotton ball got heavier and heavier. The cotton ball got so heavy it could not hold the water any longer and it began to drip!

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